About Us

Meet the Founders

Ross and Casey are the founders of LovableTowns and are pleased to offer this website to all who are curious about moving to or visiting New Jersey. 

As a real estate agent, Casey realized there was a gap in available information on the towns of New Jersey. Mostly in the form of nice photos and profiles of the towns themselves. Don’t you want to know what a town is like before you fall in love with a home? Why waste your time? Find a nice town and then start your home search. 

Ross is a long-time resident originally from The Bronx, and retired consultant to the semiconductor industry. He and his wife raised two lovely daughters who happened to choose to move back to New Jersey after college. They found excellent opportunities to advance their careers, one as a social worker and the other a college professor.

More on Ross’s professional background:
  • RCA Corp. 10 years at their Sarnoff Research Center as Member of Technical Staff and Corporate Marketing Staff,
  • 5 years as Engineering Manager and Product Manager at RCA Electronics divisions,
  • 8 years as Director of Marketing and Applications Engineering at Materials Research Corporation,
  • 25 years as President of Tensor-Metrix Co., semiconductor consulting firm, and
  • 5 years part-time as Executive Chair of CRISIS, Inc. environmental community group.

More on Casey’s professional background:

Casey worked as a professional sound engineer and stage manager for decades. He has worked at many large music festivals and other venues across the North East and California. He has also done studio production work for podcasts, bands, solo artists etc. The most famous acts he has worked with are comedians. He’s worked with Adam Ferrara, Robert Klein, Lisa Lampanelli as well as many other less famous musical acts. Casey is also a photographer; mostly nature, but some around towns now too! 


Our Purpose

We help people who are buying homes, renting apartments, etc, find the best town in new jersey for them. Our beautiful photos and informative profiles help you figure out which town will best suit your needs. Are you focused on living in a peaceful neighborhood or finding the best schools for your kids? Both? Prefer Bucolic farmland and countryside living? Maybe the beach bum life? New Jersey!

We can also help you find the best real estate agent for each town. You really want to have a real estate agent with years of personal knowledge of the town, or you could be in for a real headache. Whether you are moving from Brooklyn, Jersey City or New York, our website is better than the rest for finding the town, simply put, you’ll find lovable.