What is

LovableTowns is a website for people looking to learn more about possibly moving to New Jersey or just looking for fun things to do around the state, like day trips, weekend getaways, and things like vacations at the shore. LovableTowns is also a great site to advertise on if you are located in New Jersey. Our blog articles and town pages attract a lot of people. 

What is LovableTowns most advanced feature?

LovableTowns most advanced feature is our advanced search tool, which is able to match your lifestyle to available towns throughout NJ. Simply check off your likes and needs and we provide a list of towns that match. Then you can visit the town page for any of those towns, to see photos, read reviews, see maps, school scores and more. 

Is LovableTowns free?

LovableTowns is free for the general user, but we also provide ad space for local and regional businesses as well as memberships for real estate agents. 

What makes LovableTowns better than sites like Zillow and Trulia?

Those sites have you finding the house first. Why risk falling in love with a house just to find out that the schools are no good or the community sucks? LovableTowns has you finding the town before the house. 

  1. Find a town you love using our custom search tool.
  2. Find a good real estate agent using our real estate agent finder tool.
  3. Then buy the home of your dreams.

How does LovableTowns get its info?

LovableTowns uses a vast array of resources including local government sites,, wikipedia and local business owners and writers who know the towns personally. We provide a more human approach than wikipedia and a more in depth approach than most other blog articles. 

What do I do if I have a question?

Simply use the contact form and we will usually get back to you within 24 hours. 

I am interested in moving to New Jersey, but won’t be ready for a year or longer:

We recommend signing up for updates, but you can also get the ball rolling by using our agent finder tool. Just let us know what type of house or apartment you are looking for and when you expect to start the buying process and we will give that info to a NJ licensed real estate agent.

What if I don’t see a town that I’m interested in?

Please contact us to let us know what towns you want to see next. Thanks!