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Agents, get listed on! Our business model is simple:
1) You pay us to be listed on any of our town pages.
2) We advertise in NYC, Jersey City, West Chester, etc.
3) You get more clients

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What's in it for you?

Perfect for new agents, part time agents and top performing agents!
$ 15
per month & up
  *includes free trial
  • LovableTowns helps you:
  • Get more buyers for your listings and earn higher commissions

  • Expand your marketing footprint to NYC and beyond

  • Get higher quality leads

  • Get or give more referrals 

  • We make it easy. No complicated plans.


Membership Levels

  • Free – A free membership gets you listed as a real estate agent in New Jersey – it’s on a single page with lots of other agents – but you don’t get listed as a “featured agent” on any towns.
  • Top Agent $200 $100 a month gets you the coveted Top Agent slot (a more prominent listing at the top of the list. There’s only one Top Agent slot per town). 
  • Featured Agent $30 $15 a month gets you listed on any town of your choice as a featured agent! Chose one or more towns. 
  • Annual Membership$300 $150 Lock in the year and save even more!

LovableTowns is a better way of marketing yourself in many ways…

Zillow Premier Agent easily costs over a thousand a month. Being listed on LovableTowns is a great value especially for new or part time agents.

Why put LovableTowns to work for you?
Here are 11 solid reasons:

  1. We are different than the other real estate websites out there.
  2. We teach buyers all about the towns. Once they know which town they want we direct them to you.
  3. Designed by agents, for agents.
  4. Changing times – More and more people are shopping online for real estate than ever right now – they will be using Lovabletowns more and more to get a better idea of what the towns are like.
  5. We answer clients questions, which means they are closer to buying.
  6. LovableTowns provides beautiful photos, fun, facts, data, maps, articles, school scores, waking scores, biking scores etc.
  7. You would spend days and days putting together custom reports like this for your remote clients.
  8. LovableTowns saves you time, energy and money.
  9. We aggressively advertise on platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram each month (spending a huge part of our budget) so that when people do searches for real estate in NJ we can funnel them to our members.
  10. We promote the towns you sell in; always looking for what’s good about a town. (let us know if we missed any of the great things in your area)
  11. LovableTowns is like a cooperative. We dedicate a ridiculous amount of the money we take in each month on marketing your towns on your behalf. We combine the buying power of agents to help the entire group win. It’s a huge win-win for everyone

Don't Forget!

We are equally great for new agents, those who only work part time and those who are top earners, because we don’t rate our agents. Other real estate sites rate agents making it incredibly difficult to be seen unless you are a top producer. We provide an equal playing field for all of our agents – no special badges and no priority page placement. If you want greater visibility you are entitled to buy ads (along with restaurants, stores etc.) on the towns of your choice. Ads spots are limited availability by space and are priced accordingly. click here for more info.

When someone falls in love with a town and wants to move there they will be able to click on your to your name.

We love our agents, so feel free to contact us with any questions.



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