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1 - Town By Type


What types of sections does this town have? Choose all that fit the town (more than one is fine if the town has different sections with different personalities).

End user question: What type of town do you want to live in)?

Definitions for town by type

Country Living areas generally offer more peaceful living having more forests, pastures, streams, smaller roadways, less traffic, farms fields, less stores, generally no mainstreet, however; country living areas tend to have slower internet, spotty cell service, fewer jobs, tougher commutes (especially in the winter) and less public services, fewer schools, emergency services, costly garbage removal and generally don't have public water, sewer or natural gas utilities).

Small town is similar to country living, but may have a few larger roads, commercial farms, industries, some stores, more public services (schools, emergency services etc) and slightly better internet, better cell service and sometimes a small mainstreet (post office, a few stores, maybe a gas station).

Medium towns will generally have a mix of some industry, companies, housing developments, town houses, apartments, more emergency services, more public services, more schools, bigger stores and more jobs opportunities.

Large towns are similar to medium towns, but will generally have better access to highways, commuter rail, better schools, more and higher paying jobs, a more thriving economy, more cultural events, better access to fine dining, fancy grocery stores, specialty shops, luxury apartment buildings, nicer suburban neighborhoods, a walkable downtown with sidewalks, crosswalks, a post offices, parks, etc.

City living generally offers more social interaction, high-rises, faster commutes, more public infrastructure, more career opportunities, but obviously less open space.

Town By Type

2 - Town By Feel


Choose one or more for the town. Depending on the section, neighborhood, etc, a larger town may have several "feels."

Definitions for town by feel

Natural, park-like, fresh air, open space:
may include things like: wooded areas, rivers, farm fields.

Traditional; Historical:
may include towns that have more traditional architecture, have historic buildings from revolutionalry war, probably has low levels of industry and fewer larger roads or highways. towns like Clinton and High bridge

Residential, Suburban:
plain old towns; a lot of towns in NJ fit this description, especially if the majority of homes are built after 1950

Cafes, Performing Arts, Graphic Arts Scenes
towns like lambertville, princeton

College Town; Fun, Youthful
like princeton, madison or maybe new brunswick

Upscale Urban:
maybe places like morristown?

Diverse and Improving Suburban

Diverse and Improving Urban

Vacationing Community

Town By Feel

3 - Town By Natural Feature


Choose all that apply to the town

This section allows users to choose publicly available features such as a river with a public park or a public beach, with free or fee-based access. Include all features that are within about 15 minutes by car or foot from the town borders.

Town By Natural Feature

4-Walking and Bike Score


use -

Check one from walking and one or none from biking that best fits what this town has.

End user question: How walkable or bike friendly do you want your town to be? (If it doesn't matter skip this section.)

Walking and Bike Score

5-Drive Time to/from NYC by car without traffic


Only check off one per town

using google maps for directions

choose the town and then type in "NYC"

then click on "leave now" to pull down another time.

select 3 am

use the shortest time shown (after where it says "typically")

End user question: Choose one or more of the following if you drive to NYC:

Drive Time to/from NYC by car without traffic

6-Fitness Center in town or nearby (15 minutes or less by car)

Researcher: select one or none.

End user question: Need a fitness center?
6-Fitness Center in town or nearby (15 minutes or less by car)

7-High-end Shopping

Researcher: Choose "yes" if the town has high end shops.

Figure out if the town has any luxury brand jewelry stores, clothing stores etc - most malls would probably have something, but also towns where people have a high net worth tend to have fancier shops.

End user question: Select this option if you would like to live in or near a town with high-end shopping.

High-end Shopping

8-Kid Friendly Town


Choose this option if a town has at least some things kids may enjoy (in or nearby town):

theme park
petting zoo
horseback riding
go cart racing
sports clubs

End user question: Select this option if you would like to live in a more kid friendly town.

Kid Friendly Town

9-LGBTQ Friendly Town

End user question: Select this option if you would like to live in an LGBT friendly town:

LGBTQ Friendly Town

10-Fine Dining

End user question: Select this option if you would like to live in a town with fine dining options available:

Fine Dining