Bernards Township

What We Love About Bernards Township

  • High-end Living
  • Above Average Schools
  • Affordable Homes
  • Lower Taxes
  • Stately Homes
  • Old Money 
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Beautiful Countryside
  • The Hills Development
  • Golf Course

Bernards Township is located in Somerset County, New Jersey

From NYC it takes barely 45 minutes to get here by car. Bernards Township is part of the Skylands region of NJ, which is made up largely of farms, fairs, rivers, mountains, parks, wineries and outdoor activities. Even though you have some rural living, as with most of NJ, you are not far from shopping, groceries, dining and work.

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Quick Facts

Bernards Township is located in Somerset County, New Jersey – Skylands Region – an hour from NYC by car.

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Quick facts about Bernards Township:

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The Full Story of Bernards Township, NJ

What is it like living in Bernards Township, NJ?

High-speed internet, great access to highways and park-like scenery make it something even better than rural or suburban towns. Impressive schools, nice shops and proximity to outdoor activities means it’s a great place to raise a family.

That’s Bernards Township in a nutshell!

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Bernards Township is a very high-end township made up of several sections: Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner & Lyons are the main ones and have nice shops in their respective small mainstreet sections. Mine Brook to the west and also the Lord Stirling Rd area are nice residential parts of Bernards Township, which includes Lord Stirling Park Environmental Educational Center and the main tributary (start) of the Passaic River.  Bernards evokes fine country living — some of the wealthiest in New Jersey — and changes only slowly over time.  The evolution includes high-end businesses in finance, telecommunication (AT&T, etc) and pharmaceutical companies (one of the main employers of this area). There are many large homes and even mansions.  Basking Ridge is a welcoming, socially supportive town: activity-rich with excellent quality of life; a great choice for those who can afford homes here. 

While Bernards has access to major interstate highways and at least two NJ Transit railroad stations (Lyons and Basking Ridge), in the pandemic years its large homes also are becoming attractive work from home venues.  Golf courses abound (heart of golf land) and condo/ townhouses are often associated with these, particularly near the very large park-like development The Hills (spanning Basking Ridge and Bedminster).  

Other condo and townhouse developments also are available at widely varying prices.

Many of these may carry the Basking Ridge Post Office zip code (07920) but may lie outside Basking Ridge village proper.


The Appeal

The quality of life throughout the township is exceptional meaning beautiful county/suburban living, and also strong family resources: medical, parks, and social services; a best of both worlds.  There is a mix of modern businesses in the general area, with mainly pharma and biotech companies highlighting the high tech arena.  The different sections noted in this profile give varying looks to the township.    Although the cost of single family homes is generally high throughout the township, there are condo and townhouse options well below the million dollar range often associated with the golf courses or parks.  Overall the northern part of Somerset Co;unty particularly has abundant wide open country spaces, protected woodlands, plenty of golf courses, some stables and many estates


Sections of the Township

Bernards Township is a scenic mix of suburban and country, almost rural living with a significant amount of large beautiful homes, condos and townhomes with a range of prices (more below). If your taste is to be near for golf and parks like Lord Stirling. Lots of open space, country style outside of its main town centers, and 2 historic districts.  The largest town-center is in Basking Ridge (north part of Township) which holds the municipal government buildings and library for the whole township.  The other centers are Liberty Corner (south part of Bernards, just past Martinsville), Lyons (a small village center with shopping, banks and large VA medical center), Madisonville and Van Dorn Mills.  Liberty Corner and Franklin Corners are considered the two historic districts.  (note that Bernardsville is a separate municipality, not part of Bernards Twp.)

Basking Ridge got its name in the 1700s, evidently because animals would bask in the hilly sunshine. It is the seat of the municipal government buildings. Overall the Township government has a commitment to environmental programs such as the Somerset County Environmental Education Center with programs especially for youngsters.  The large Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church in the village is a welcoming community social center with programs for kids which incidentally help out parents.  Look for the website  — a very nice feature for young families.

The Basking Ridge town center is just several hilly walkable blocks and has several restaurants, cafes, some shops, library and doctors’ offices.

Liberty Corner village settled in 1722 is an area of gentle hills, mostly country atmosphere, but coming off Rt 287 it is built-up with a modern strip mall across from a nice hotel, and some modern larger office buildings holding the promise of local jobs.  There are medical offices toward the town center along the same stretch.  Liberty corner was famed for its summer resorts in the 19th century.  Sky Farm is a long time nudist resort on Allen Rd in the Liberty Corner section off Mt Airy Rd. and not far from Somerset Hills Hotel (giggle).


Workplaces in Bernards area:

The Somerset County region overall has many large private companies some of which have been mentioned in various of our websites’ town profiles.  Here we focus on some in Bernards Township itself.  A number are located along the Liberty Corner Rd. area including Regeneron Pharma, Lexicon Pharma, Offices at Liberty Corner. In financial: Chubb Insurance; Fiserv; Everest National Insurance;   Conduent Business services and Tapestry, Hotels Courtyard by Marriott –Basking Ridge; Somerset Hills Hotel may be renovating.

Lyons VA Medical Center is located in the township.

Verizon Communication (in the former ATT world hdqtrs) building on North Maple Ave.  

Verizon Wireless, Fedders, Chubb – Basking Ridge.  

Barnes & Noble Education, Basking Ridge and their division called Bartleby.

Also Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Basking Ridge.

Arminius Software, LLC  in Basking Ridge: an office of a global firm which provides manpower consulting, training services in IT, telecom, automotive and insurance.

Daiichi Sanko in development for oncology pharma. In over 20 nations.


Schools for the Bernards Township School District:

Cedar Hill Elementary, Basking Ridge, PK-5, score 9.

Wm. Annin Middle, Basking Ridge, 6-8, score 8.

Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, 9-12, score 9.

Private school is Bonnie Brea not far from Pleasant Valley Park (Liberty Corner).

Pingry School in Martinsville


Homes and Real Estate:

In Basking Ridge/Bernards the home ownership rate is about 80% with about 20% renters. Average rental price of $3600/ month for homes and apartments.  Home appreciation since 2000 to this year is about 70% which is only 2.7% annually.  Homes above $1.1 million value are some 18%; homes above about $825K on up add to about 41%.  Another 28% fall between $550K to 825K.  So the skew is very much to the high-end with 70% above $550K.

Condos, townhomes (and apartments) associated with New Jersey National Golf Course are in The Hills, a huge development within parts of Bedminster Township (see its own profile) and Bernards — bordering with Bridgewater at Allen Rd.  Considering its many golf courses and parks, it is not surprising that some 20% of homes in Bernards are townhouse & condo types (leaving only 57% as single family)  Examples of townhouse/condos in Bernards follow:

In the Lord Stirling Park area:  ranch condo example in Barons subdiv. 28 Bradford Ln under contract, for $669K, 2 bd, 1 den, 3 bath, 2 car gar. HOA fee $485/mo, Community clubhouse, pool, tennis; tax $12,085 /yr in 2019.  Minutes from Lyons train station.

In the Liberty corner area, 25 Hadley Ct. (13th hole NJ National Golf course), townhouse 3400 sq ft., 4 bd, 3.5 bath with a lower level bar/patio, F/R, exercise rm, 2 car garage, HOA fee $580/mo, tax $18,100/yr (2019) listed for $985K.

The Cedars, condominium complex near Pleasant Valley Park

Society Hill at Bernards, condo complex also near Pleasant Valley Park which is off Mt. Airy Rd.

Listed apartments for rent seem mostly around Liberty Corner, near the village center and not far from Pleasant Valley Park.  Two examples:

78 Woodward Lane, listed as Basking R., 3bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1350 sq ft. at $2450/mo. Walking distance to Pleasant Valley Park, attractive garden apt. bldg;

23 Church St., 1 bdrm, 1 bath, 700 sq ft. for $1525/mo. Is in the Liberty Corner center and very convenient to Rts. 78 and 287 not far from their intersection.


Parks and Recreation:

Somerset County Environmental Center is located in Basking Ridge

Lord Stirling Stable open to the public for horsebacking riding and even pony parties for kids birthdays. Lord Stirling historic large manor house has become Lord Stirling School, approved private school for students with learning and emotional disabilities.

Hacklebarney State Park up route 206 outside of Chester,

Pleasant Valley Park in Liberty Corner.


Golf Businesses:  

US Golf Association (USGA) headquarters, New Jersey National Golf Club, Trump National Golf Course (Bedminster a few miles away), 



Here are the neighborhoods and nearby areas that are either in this town or nearby. also you can find keywords and phrases we use to help you find this town in a search.