Warren, NJ

What We Love About Warren

  • Low Property Taxes
  • Above Average Schools

Warren Township is located in Somerset County, New Jersey

From NYC it takes barely 45 minutes to get here by car. Warren is part of the Skylands region of NJ, which is made up largely of farms, fairs, rivers, mountains, parks, wineries and outdoor activities. Even though you have some rural living, as with most of NJ, you are not far from shopping, groceries, dining and work.

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Quick Facts

Warren is located in Somerset County, New Jersey – Skylands Region – an hour from NYC by car.

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Quick facts about Warren:

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The Full Story of Warren, NJ

What is it like living in Warren, NJ?

WARREN, NJ, Somerset County, Skylands Region – Gorgeous Watchung Mountain Country Living, Fine Dining, Luxury Shops, Good Schools and Many Larger, Newer Homes, all less than an hour from NYC.

That’s Warren in a nutshell!

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Area: 19.57 Sq mi.
Number of homes and apartments, recent: 1721
Median age: 46 years old. (Weichert data)
Median income about $150,000. (Weichert data)
Population: est. 2019 was 15,625 with minimal growth after the Great Recession of 2010; the period around 2000 had strong annual growth, and going back to post WWII was very strong.
Distribution (approx): 73% white, 18% Asian, 0.9% African-American and 5.5% Latino/Hispanic.
Schools: 5 in township serve grades pre-k to 8th.  High school is Watchung Hills Regional.


Warren, NJ has been listed among the best five places to live in New Jersey and the nation with a countryside of hills and mountain views, historic park areas, and a plethora of larger, newer homes.  But the story since somewhat before and particularly after the 2010 Great Recession had been one of falling house prices (and long times for houses on the market) for Larger 4 plus bedroom homes as tastes among millenials (and job forces) swung to city living or suburban residences that at least had to be near commuter train stations to get to New York (or Newark) jobs.  Reason: New York (and other big cities) held the jobs, and work-from-home was not yet strong.  Prices on houses of $2 million and above were hard hit in Warren which has no railroad transit station, nor a very short ride to one. However, there is no part of Warren more than 10 or so minutes from a train station – The Raritan Valley Line to the south and the Gladstone Branch to the north. The residents trend younger with 31% between 25 to 54 years old, and college educated with 65% of adults with college degrees.  

Investment Opportunity?  Hold everything! July 2020 found housing prices down 5% over a year ago. It’s difficult to know what will happen just yet, but with the Coronavirus and high housing prices in NYC, Warren may be very attractive.  So are the million plus dollar homes in Warren suddenly in high demand?  We have yet to see, but clearly the opportunity to buy at much lower prices than say 15 years ago may be presenting and Warren could be a prime opportunity due to its great quality of life.


The Appeal:

Warren presents a high-end country-town feel (and reality) with all the modern conveniences and amenities.  Its crossroads hub is a town center at Mountain Blvd. & Mt. Bethel Rd. of professional offices, shopping centers and restaurants. The town is entirely modern and efficient, prime for telecommuting for financial and other professionals.  Warren sports all the amenities for modern living in a wealthy suburban town. There is a large Acme Supermarket based shopping center.  (The Warren Village shopping area is well filled though it lost its supermarket recently.) The town is now strongly professional with large growth of its Asian American population.  Local professional businesses have grown solidly (lawyers, accountants, engineering, construction & real estate firms) near and around the town center area including a large medical building and financial offices.  Chubb Insurance is based in Warren.   Many local job opportunities are within the County with RWJ/Barnebus Hospital, medical, legal, county government, high tech, and retail in Somerville, Bridgewater and Hillsborough (refer to our profiles of other towns and Somerset County regional).



Over 90% of homes in Warren are single family with 2% being townhouses.  Some 91% of residents are owners and about 8% are renters with about a 3.7% vacancy rate.  Apartment complexes are about 5%.  

The housing stock is largely newer with 17.5% built since the year 2000, and about another 50% from 1970 – 1999.

Homes there skew heavily to higher prices with median home price just under $1 million at $996,000.  About 27% of homes are over $1 million , and about 50% over $800,000 (recent data).  About 65% have 4 bedrooms or more.  There is a sharp dropoff below $500,000 price range with a bit less than 10% approx in the $400-525K range.  The appreciation rate (about 2.3% average per year since 2000) for Warren is low compared to NJ overall reflecting the sharp downturn in larger homes since the Great Recession as discussed above.  Illustrative recent homes on the Warren market (all prices are “list”):

  • 50 Morning Glory Rd, 5 bdrm, 4.1 bath, 5,254 sq. ft. at $1,355,000. Built in 2011 on a lot of 2.1 acres, 3 car attached garage, 1st floor bedroom with office and private bath, near Park & Ride for NYC bus. Property Tax $22,032 per year, public sewer & water.
  • 136 Liberty Corner Rd, 3 bdrm, 3 bath at $429,000.
  • 65 Reinman Rd. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, colonial built in 1936, 1 car attached, lot 0.33 acres, Stone and stucco exterior, at $ 559,000 with property taxe of $8,480 per year.
  • 15 Deerwood Trail, 5 bdrm, 5.1 bath at $1,532,000.

Apartments in Warren Twp:

The Woods at Warren, on a hill with lots of space around the bldg.

Toll Bros Townhomes new development:  Villas at Warren, lux living townhomes 848216-8466, plans are available as are a few homes 3bdrm, 3 bath about 2700 sq ft. in the $900,000 to $1.1 million price range.


Public Schools:

Warren’s own public school system goes from pre-k through 8th grade, with 196 classroom teachers and 1749 students in those grades (a good 8.9 to 1 ratio).  Central School is k-5th, Mt. Horeb pre-k-5th, Tomasso is k-5th each with 240-300 students, and then Warren Middle for 6-8th.  For High school, Watchung Hills Regional serves Watchung, Warren, Green Brook and Long Hill Twp..  It has about 2,000 students and a student to teacher ratio of 13:1.  School ratings are shown in the window from Great Schools.

Somerset County Vocational Technical School is in Bridgewater offering……………   Also has a large theater offering shows, dance and concert performances.

Public colleges:  Rutgers, the State University is a short drive to the New Brunswick or Newark Campuses, an easily a commutable situation.  Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) is an excellent 2 year college for many fields of work and an inexpensive way to get the first 2 years of a 4 year college degree.

The Commute:

There is no NJ Transit train station in Warren.  However, it is a relatively short car ride to the stations in either Berkeley Heights, Gillette or New Providence. Only 5-10 minutes from the northern border to 4 different stations and another 3 or 4 more stations 5-10 minutes from the southern border.  You have to look into parking rules at these stations. The better alternative for ease of parking is a drive to Summit with non-resident parking and a large number of trains to NYC, some of them Mid-Town Direct (no transfers) to NYC Penn Station.  The commute time from Summit to NY Penn Station is often only 57 minutes, but can be as little as 38 mins.

Non-resident parking is either valet service (via $10/day) or Lot #14 (Park & Rail, 24 hr. for up to 5 days for $10/day).

Express bus from Warren:  Lakeland Bus runs one dedicated express bus to NYC at 6:45 am each weekday (takes 1 hour) from a Park & Ride at the Warren Corporate Center (Bldg 300).  Return trips are between 5:45 pm to 6:30 pm (takes 45 mins.) which are not dedicated only to Warren.  Fare is $26.80 round trip and $118.50 for a 10 trip set.  Lakeland also runs non-express buses to NYC with many stops in the area around and in Warren such as King George Rd. for a tad lower fare. 

(Lakeland Bus also has service from Summit for about $99.95 for 10 trips.)  

Automobile drive from Warren to NYC via close-by Rt. 78 would be about 1 hr 20min.


Restaurants, entertainment, cultural: The town center is around intersection of Mountain Blvd. and Mt. Bethel Rd.

There are a few notable restaurants in Warren.  About the town center are:  Alfies’ Italian Ristorante), Lukas seafood, steak & bar, and modern American at Uproots, and the diner called Country Squire.  The town is excellent for cultural food excursions. There is Silk Road for Afghan.  Nuray’s Cafe for breakfast and lunch and occasional dinner with a Turkish flavor.

Toward Smalleytown Rd section is Stonehouse of Sterling Ridge fine dining, with a catering and party business and with weekend jazz entertainment.  It is part of Landmark Hospitality Group which is a high-end restaurant group including the Ryland Inn in Reading, NJ.

Warren Arts Center in a local building presents music, art shows, and dance with acts that often come in from NYC.  Quite inexpensive for good weekend entertainment.  

Somerset Patriots baseball, now a AA-level Yankees farm team, is a short ride to Bridgewater.

Parks, Kids Activities

Close to town center, Warren has a Municipal Recreation area including a public pool, and  Warrenbrook Golf course there is (one of several) county golf courses.  Farm markets for fresh produce are in the area including Bardy Farms just outside town center.  Looking at nearby towns: Hamilton Farms has equestrian team training (OlympicTraining Center and headquarters) in northern Bedminster;  horseback riding & lessons and shows are a local favorite.  Many farms provide good old seasonal activities for kids/parents like strawberry and apple picking, wagon rides, corn mazes, animal feeding.  Grazing horses on private estates as part of the landscape. 

Leonard J. Buck gardens is a few towns over from Warren in Far Hills with scenic walking and outstanding landscapes.  Jockey Hollow on Rt. 202 past Bernardsville contains soldiers’ huts like those used by Washington’s army.  A hot air balloon festival in early August is in Readington, NJ about a half hour away.  And the Jersey shore is only about an hour’s drive.

In nearby towns are parks that include the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, Duke Farms with walking trails, an Arboretum and Meditation Garden, cafe, farmers market and environmental education programs for children and adults. Many regional parks are in the area.


Town center neighborhood includes the central business hub (described above) as well as Springdale and Coontown areas toward the southeast and Mt. Horeb in western part of Warren.  The many larger homes (4, 5, and more bedrooms) in Town Center are expensive with median value of over $900,000 and average rental of over $4,000 per month (very high end for NJ).  

Smalleytown is in the Northeast section with a lower median home price about $700K and avg rental of about $2100 per month.  It is also a family section with many 3 and 4 bedroom houses.

Mt. Bethel is in east/central section of Warren running to Liberty Corner Rd. on its eastern edge.  Median home price is about $900,000, though the average rental (about $2,700 per month) is lower than Town Center.  Home sizes tend to larger (above 4 bedrooms).  Asian ancestry reported at 18% in this section.